Quise, is one of Maybach Music Groups rising stars, who was born and raised in Carol City, fl. He embarked on his musical journey as a teenager and has been pursuing it since high school. One of his major influences is Ricky Rozay, who happens to be his boss/mentor. Music is his first love, therapy, an outlet for him to express and channel his thoughts, emotions and experiences. Quise wants to give his fans timeless music, he loves creating music that gives you the same feeling you have when you heard it years prior. Goals in the music industry include leaving a mark and a legacy, to speak for the people who don’t have a voice. To be the greatest. To live forever!!

 ”Rock With You,” is his current single ft Sam Sneak off the Priorities 5 mixtape.“Ross grew up in carol city around my cousins Black Bo and Kane who are like brothers. I still had to keep grinding until I did a record called “U Gotta Love Me” that finally caught The Boss attention. He did a verse and I’ve been MMG ever since “ Quise has worked with Rick Ross, Wale, The Dream, Triple C’s, Sam Sneak and other members of MMG.  Right now he is the studio working on his next project called “YOUNG KING” with production from DJ Toomp, Beat billionaire, Mercy and Bizness Boi. In the future he would like to work w/ artist such as Jay Z,  Andre 3000, Anita Baker, Pharrell, and Raphael Saadiq.

– “I paint my life through my music. So when the listeners hear me, I want them to feel like they know me.I want to motivate and inspire people through my music. I love life and I’m excited about seeing the world. I want to experience new things and share it with my listeners. The love for what I do keeps me going. If you love what you’re doing, it’ll never feel like work.” What separates me from other artists is that I do me no matter what. Nobody can do me and I don’t try to be anyone else which makes me stand out. Everybody is born original but most die being copies. “