Born D’Andre Scott on November 28th 1984 Scrilla has been musically and poetically inclined since he was six years old. Due to his mothers drug abuse, Scrilla was raised by his grandmother since birth. In 2011, Scrilla lost his father to AIDS and this sparked Scrilla to chase his music career. Within six months of his fathers passing, he released his single, “Numbers Don’t Lie” featuring Future. This collaboration was put together by Scrillas friend, LT. Unfortunately, just a short time later, Scrilla was involved in a drive by shooting that riddled his car with 33 AK47 bullets, 11 of them hitting the driver side door where Scrilla was seated. As he began to heal after being hit in the leg, Scrilla started to manuver his music by gaining the ears of the streets in Miami. Releasing a new single featuring Rocko seemed promising, but the lack of budget quickly cut the life of the record short.Scrilla knew something had to give, so fortunately he crossed paths with his long time friend and now business partner, Safe. Safe connected some dots for Scrilla and got his music to the ears of Rick Ross, in which Ross took a liking to which furthered Scrilla to be an opener for Ross on tour. While traveling the globe for six months, Scrilla recorded over 237 songs. Scrilla is now confident and believes his time to shine is right around the corner, especially after losing his brother this past April 4th and son, just twenty days later. Scrilla is excited to see what God has planned and will be dropping his new highly anticipated mixtape “Bag Of Dope” very soon.